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Welcome to Montana Mini Mall. You may have found us by accident the first time but we expect you will visit us often. In fact we believe that you will be a regular visitor and "shopper" with many of the cyber stores to this Montana Mini Mall on-line mall.

Here you will find Montana store fronts at the mall. These stores will be offering a wide variety of products, services or even information. Each store is independently owned. All business conducted for products or services are with you, the customer, and the store owner. Each store has to be a registered business in Montana.

This is how you do your browsing, shopping or purchasing items at the stores in the Montana Mini Mall.


Each store in the mall has a virtual store front (some people call them websites or landing pages). Here you will find information about the store, their products, services or information they are offering. You will also find information that is unique to that store, the owner and the people who work in that store. Some stores will have an audio where you can actually here from the store owners and managers talking with you as one person to another about their business. It is a chance to get to "know" them as a real person offering real solutions and caring about having you their customer. When you see the audio button on the page just turn up your speakers, click on the audio and hear their actual voices. You will feel their passion for what they do and what they have to offer.

Each store will have a catalog that you can down load into your device or you can print your own copy from your device if it has the capabilities. The catalog will give you specifics on what you can obtain using their products or services when doing business with their store. The catalog will have the contact method or ways to obtain their products and services. Many catalogs will have changes often as new items are added so you will want to visit each store often.


Each store has their own methods for their customers to make purchases or to receive more information.  Each store has determined which is the best way or procedures necessary to obtain their products or services. Montana Mini Mall is the place where their store is located in the cyber world but Montana Mini Mall has no connection with offerings of or the business of each individual store.


If you are interested in having your store at the Montana Mini Mall, visit the How Montana Mini Mall Works page and then please contact us at: